You may get to know your crush better by asking them these seven questions.

Your infatuation might be too intimidating to talk to. We've all felt uneasy around our crushes, but if you want to keep talking, you need to know what to ask. It's not a dinner date when you have their whole focus. You'll still want to know them, and these questions will get you there.

Know what kind of person they are. Knowing their celebrity crush will reveal their taste. While discussing artists and film stars, casually ask this question and share your celebrity obsession.

This question helps you determine if your crush is introverted or extrovert. This question may reveal what kind of gatherings, quiet locations, or alone time they favor. It continues the discourse.

Ask your pals about their finest present and who gave it. It will also get kids chatting about the present giver, so you'll learn who knows them well.

After starting a conversation, ask what they hate or find annoying. Maybe this time, you should tell them what turns you off first and then discuss it. Your crush will respond once they know yours.

You'll know their weekend preferences and routines. This will help you decide when to invite your sweetheart over.

This is a hard topic, so only ask it if you talk about love, relationships, exes, etc. Don't make your crush believe you're looking for these details to risk. So ask this question subtly. Their response will clarify if you should shoot soon.

You should only ask this tough topic if you talk about love, relationships, exes, and all that. Not wanting your crush to believe you're looking for these details to risk it. Be delicate with this inquiry. Their response will indicate if you should shoot soon.

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